Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Post ini berbau personal. BEWARE!

have you ever met a person who simply being nice? and people just love to hang around him because he is your shoulder to cry on, he hears your problems and he is there whenever you need help. he's not hot. he's no angel. and he's not a popular guy whom people talk about everyday. but people just do not forget him.

it's good to be nice, doesnt it. but, mr nice guy will be tested when it comes to love affair. he would usually fall in love with one of his friends because nice guy makes friends very easily (i'm using 2 adverbs here!!). and here is where the dilemma starts. he's trapped between love and friendship. need i not say more. just watch these vids, a story about a typical nice guy that we could befriended to.

1) The problem

2) The lesson

3) The risk

p/s: in reality, not all endings are happy endings. so, dont get carried away with the way the story ends.

Ja mata.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deevali Vartukal~

Last weekend was deepavali. so i was 'layanning' hindustan the whole weekends. haha. i dont bluff!

oh i love this song, and all the songs in kuch kuch hota hai. but koi mil gaya i like the most. hindustan songs were cool those days during kuch2 hota hai, duplicate, dilwale dulhania le jayenge (aku layan hindustan kot dulu). but now, hindustan is selling sex. pffttt~ rubbish! i know la...and i dont deny at all yang hindus in bollywood are undeniably beeeeeauuuutiifuuulllll. wallah!! but dont la overexpose u all punye beauty kat films, ok! i like to watch hindustan because of their culture. their strong family bonds. their colourful setting. how they manipulate emotions. how they tell stories in songs....wuhuhuhu~~~ i miss shah rukh khan n kajol act together in a movie...T_T

btw, i always dream of having a song with my love one (ie in this case my bf or tunang or suami). when i found one, i'd like to make koi mil gaya as our song. hehe. hope i'll find somebody who can take hindustan too. amin! sebab tak sume org suke cite hindustan nie...

Ja mata.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silent September-A post with most vids

September was a halt.
There were zero post for the month of September.
Oh September! Oh September!
The only good thing on September was Aidilfitri.
The rest?
I slept throughout the month....

Now, i've waken up because September has ended. Instead of reset, i press refresh. Press the refresh~press press the refresh (macam lagu super junior tu~). Hoping for a bright October.

In case u r curious here's the RESET song. Sang by a korean's boy band, Super Junior. Yeah! I'm crazy about them...bahahaha~

Song title: reset by Super Junior
press the reset...press press the reset...

Oho~ SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all who visit this blog!
I didnt take much pictures during raya coz i hate having camera tagging me while i move aroud. But this is an interesting picture of my nephew that i could share. Took it after going beraya for the whole day...

"Hai~ senangnya dalam hati...dapat makan macam2~"

Ja mata.

Friday, August 28, 2009

So they say about Micheal Jackson

My friend posted something on her facebook wall, that i found out interesting to share with anyone (who reads this blog). Its something they say about the late Michael Jackson. 'the late'? some dont agree with that. some say Encik Raja Pop is still alive. that same thing goes in the same way again. remember during the accident that took off the life of Lady D. there were rumors saying that she is still living in some place, somewhere. her death is just to cover the kingdom crisis and scandals. charles with his current wife, her with al-fayed. during that time, i, too had the feeling that the rumor might be true..what say you? do you think these celebrities really died or just fake their death?

Heres the vid that shows MJ is still alive. it said that it comes from a reliable source. but how valid is this, i dare not say. it looks like he was jumping out from the same van that his dead body had been in. notice the breathing sound of the cameraman..

To MJ:
if u r still here, sharing, breathing the same air as i do, i hope u'd be a good muslim and of course, stay silent as you are doing now..publicity condemns you. owh, n i hope u r fasting too
if you are no more breathing, i pray survive in the other world. may u rest in peace.amin~

...psstt...ok, only now i can continue my assignment. facebook closed. blog closed. youtube bannned!!(for these 4 days). ym,however will be on..for conferences..and questions.. *wink*

Ja mata.
p/s: credits for sofia for the vid.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Syaaban meninggalkan kita,Ramadhan kini tiba

Alhamdulillah, sekarang dah masuk bulan Ramadhan
The most sacred month in Muslim calender
Bulan di mana orang Muslim yang baligh wajib berpuasa..
Menahan diri daripada makan, minum dan segala perkara yang boleh membatalkan puasa
Masa yang terbaik utk kita reflect balik diri kita
Masa yang terbaik utk memperbanyakkan amal ibadah
Masa yang terbaik utk mensucikan diri...baik dari segi jasmani, emosi, rohani dan intellektual (JERI..haha)
Masa yang terbaik untuk buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jernih..sebab.........
Time ni segala syaitan iblis dah kene ikat..jadi....
Renung2kan dan selamat beramal!!!

"Kalau mata pakcik tak tengok, telinga pakcik tak dengar...."

kadang2 penah jugak diri ni terfikir..kenapa nak balik kampung selalu sgt? Bukan buat ape2 pun kengkadang dok umah tu...tapi tuuuuuu~ pakcik tu dah tolong jawabkan. Mungkin sebab orang2 tua ni sunyi. Biar la kita tak buat ape2 pn kat umah tu.. tapi dengan hanya kehadiran (presence) kita tu...cukup buat mereka happy. Sebab tu muka mak dalam iklan ni ceria je...walaupun anak die cam banyak songeh bile balik kampung tu...Tak susah nak jaga hati ibu bapa nie...


Ja mata

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

F to the E to the V-E-R

Yup, i've been having fever for the last two days. and now i'm slowly recovering from it. i cant deny my worries of the infection of the influenza. seriously, i was so very worried coz the day before i was in a good health. the next day i know, upon my woke up that morning i started feeling unwell and my body ached. so i went to clinic for check up. i wanted a blood test, but clinics dont do blood test for h1n1. they can only test for dengue and diabetes. so me and my 2 housemates went to the poliklinik the day after. they had fever just like myself. alhamdulillah, after the bloody test, the hospital assistant said mine was just a common fever. pheww~~~~ but one of my friends is suspected to have dengue. right now, while i'm typing this, she is at the hospital for further checkup. hopefully nothing serious happen to her...

These are the med i got from two different clinics. see how the nurse put my name on the prescription? only halily with a blank before it (the ones without the yellow sticker)..pffftt~
perhaps she...
A) expect me to write it myself?
B) lazy...so lazy enough to spell my my name
C) confuse if thats a name for homosapiens
D) finds my name is not a nice one to be written down on the prescription plastic
E) jealous of me for having such a beautiful name
F) busy controlling her handwriting and slipped my first name out (notice now neat her handwriting is-which is rare case for medical workers)

my 2 days lying on the bed, having my eyes closed more than opened, i was taken care by my housemates. thank u to all for your concern. i appreciate them sooooo much. for the asam jawa on my forehead, for the blanket (i'll take it to the dobi, promise!), for the fruits, for the ice cubes and even the effort to come to check on my body temperature. thanks to my family and friends...

Ja mata

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DIY med for h1n1

A friend of mine posted this on FB recently and i think that its very beneficial to be shared with ...spread it!

I received this email earlier today. I do not know whether this really works or not, but hey what damage will it cause to try, yes? Afterall, TamiFlu is in tight stock everywhere:

"Salam..... sy baru balik dari thailand. sy ke pulau temelang dan ban tun. apa yang sy nak kongsi ialah cara mereka mengubati penyakit selsema babi.
bahan2nya adalah

1. air kelapa
2. kurma
3. mangkuk


1. masukkan kurma ke dalam mangkuk
2. tuang air kelapa
3. biar sejam dua
4. minum air kelapa bersama makan kurma

harap dapat dipanjang-panjangkan petua ini,tq"


"Salam.Klu hadapi simptom selesema,batuk,demam,sukar
bernafas,pening kepala,sakit tekak mgkn anda H1N1.Minum air susu & buah.Mkn makanan yg dbuat drpd buah krn pihak kami telah menjalankn kajian bhw minuman segar mampu membersihkan atom2 H1N1.Tlong forward kpd rakan2 utk kesihatan bersama.-HOSPIAL SULTAN AMINAH JOHOR,,Bersama mendoakan kesejahteraan ummah.. Amin.. "

Ja mata

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mak Cik Berbaloi-baloi~

Sukenye Mak Cik berbaloi-baloi tu dapat menantu macam Scha...bangge je muke die bile bukak pintu tu..Muke Fahrin pun excitedddddd je tgk Scha terpacak depan umah die..hek ele...
Betapelah eYu jeles tgk video nie..and how she is hoping she is Scha in this commercial..haish~ berangan plak eYu pagi2 buta nie...
But Fahrin n Scha make a good item. They look good together and hope to look they run the altar together soon. Iklan ni best!

Heres another celcom commercial that i like. Yes! The big fat scary yellow thing should be destroyed!! Yikes!!!
I hate the yellow thingy. They scare me....a lot! I once ran away from Mr Yellow Man when it approached me. And i once shouted in a shopping mall when a chicken-costumed thing came to me. Flipping his wings and made the chicken sound, thinking that i would be entertained by that...sorry chicken, you thought wrong (maybe i'm the one they should call chicken). I hate things with mask. I hate things in costume. I hate clowns..so very much..
And up to this point, i couldnt understand why there were 2 primary students wanted to meet the Mr Yellow Man.. Did they fing it cute? Adorable? Huggable?
Hmmm... They are not to me...

Ja mata

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why do we have to behave accordingly?

Because kids don't hear
They listen
Because kids don't see
They observe
Because kids don't touch
They feel
Because kids are not looking
They are searching
Because kids are not learning
They are acquiring
Because kids are not drawing
They are painting

Because kids ask and we give answers

Ja mata

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

eYu is trying....

...not to let this blog dying...

Its 1.37am by the time i type this.
By the time eYu typed this, its in the wee hour of morning
By the time eYu typed this, her laptop had been hanging for almost 8 times now
By the time eYu typed this, she had her patience piled up to her nostril, waiting to clog the whole nose
By the time eYu typed this, her eyes had been blinking signaling they've worked overtime

By the time you read this,
eYu have been leaving her blog for months
By the time you read this,
eYu have been reading many beneficial and tah hape2 punye blogs (aka craps)
By the time you read this,
eYu has been enjoying reading others' blogs and will continue reading and searching for new ones
By the time you read this,
eYu realized that people blogs for various reasons
By the time you read this,
eYu figured out that blog narrated from one person point of view
By the time you read this,
eYu knew that people tend to be judged from their blogs
By the time you read this,
eYu understood why bloggers dont give a damn about what people say about their blogs

eYu will try to work on her blog from now on. Eventhough i have no idea to what direction should i navigate this blog to.

Ja mata